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remembering soh cah toa


To remember the order -

Sex On Hard Concrete Always Hurts The Outer Area

Ratio Triangles

Sin (angle) x Opp / Hyp

Cos (angle) x Adj / Hyp

Tan (angle) x Opp / Adj

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The method


1. Draw an accurate representation of the problem.

2. Label the triangle's sides O, A and H (O for Opposite the angle, A for Adjacent to the angle and H for the Hypotenuse)

3. Cross out either O or A or H - the one with no relevance to the question.

4. Only one Ratio Triangle will be unaffected so far, write it out.

5. Re-write the Ratio Triangle with the real information from the problem.

6. Use the information and Solve The Problem.

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