Trial and Improvement

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Trial and Improvement

With a trial and improvement question, draw a table.

  • 1st column: x values
  • 2nd column: equation and answer
  • 3rd column: comment - too high/low

The question will state the different numbers the actual value is between. Try the middle number and see how high or low the answer is in comparison to the answer to the equation and then use a higher or lower number to suit whats needed. At the end you must check the midpoint between the two closer values to gain the final mark (even though the question only asks about having 1 decimal point) to make the final decision about which number is closer. Try to imagine a number line (or draw one) and place the numbers you have on it to work out which x value is closer. Above a certain point it would be impossible to have that value so that may help you answer the question.

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