Treaty of Versailles

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The Big Three

France - Clemenceau

Britain - Lloyd George

USA - Wilson

  • All three disagreed about the peace settlement
  • They reached a compromise
  • France had suffered the worst, Britain has also suffered. So they wanted to punish Germany. But the USA had suffered much less so were impartial

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Wilson's 14 Points

Wilson came up with these points in January 1918 when Germany was asking for a truce

Germany rejected these points at first, but when fighting stopped they wanted to base the peace settlement on them

Allies refused Wilson's points

Point 14: League of Nations to Settle all disputes

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Treaty of Versailles

Signed in June 1919

It dealt with Germany 

  • War guilt clause - Germany had to accept the blame for starting the war
  • Reparations - Germant had to pay reparations to allies for the damage. £6.6 million. If the terms of payment hadn't been changed under the Young Plan in 1929, it would have taken them till 1984 to pay them back
  • German territories and colonies - Its overseas empire was taken away. The colonies became mandates under the League of Nations. The treaty forbade germany to join with Austria. 
  • Germany's armed forces - Limited to 100,000 man. Conscription was banned. They weren't allowed armoured vehicles. Could only have 6 battleships. Rhineland demilitarised. 
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Reactions to the Treaty

Some said it was fair:

  • Germany had caused lots of damage
  • Germany had to be made weaker so it couldn't start another war
  • British and French wanted revenge

Others said it was too harsh:

  • Germany were left weak and resentful - could lead to anger and cause future trouble
  • Treaty wouldn't help rebuild european trade and wealth
  • Peacemakers faced problems and pressures from people at home

Germany hated it:

  • Couldn't afford reparations
  • Suffered an economic crisis
  • Lost colonies
  • Lost pride
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The Other Treaties

St. Germain - 1919   Austria

  • Separated Austria from Hungary
  • Stopped Austria joining with Germany
  • Took land away and made them limit their army

Trianin -1920   Hungary

  • Took land away
  • Made Hungary reduce its army
  • Created new countries

Severs - 1920  Turkey

  • Lost land
  • Lost control of the Black Sea

Czechoslovakia and Ygoslavia were formed out of Austria-Hungary

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