Treaty of Versailles

Treaty of Versailles key points


  • £6.6 Billion
  • Led to hyperinflation
  • Germany couldn't pay
  • French troops came in to Germany to get the money themselves but the German workers went on strike
  • Low National income
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Land losses

  • Lost 10% of land
  • 16%of coal and 48% of iron industry
  • Caused less money to come in
  • Lost all of its colonies
  • Polish corridor separated Germany from East Prussia
  • Many Germans became Polish
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Millitary changes

  • Army reduced to 100,000 men
  • Rhineland a demilitarized zone
  • No airforce
  • Navy reduced to a handful of battle ships and no U boats
  • No force to be rekoned with
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  • Money worthless
  • Peoples savings lost
  • Wrecked economy
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Lloyd George

  • Wanted Germany to get back on its feet so they could begin trading
  • Germany should stilll be punished though
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Georges Clemencau PM of France

  • Cripple Germany's economy
  • Heavilly weaken their army
  • Didnt want france getting invaded again
  • Wanted Germany to pay france a lot of compensation
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Woodrow Wilson President of USA

  • Wanted Germany getting on its feet
  • Didnt want poor people because communism could spread
  • Germany should be punished but not too servierly
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