Treatments for infertility keywords

RE topic - medical issues. The following are the keywords about infertility treatments.

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Treatments for infertility - keywords

IVF: In Vitro Fertilisation -the woman's egg is fertilised outside the womb by a sperm (from husband or donor) and then placed back inside the womb.

ARTIFICIAL INSEMINATION - BY HUSBAND (AIH): When the husbands sperm is inserted into his wife by mechanical means.

ARTIFICAL INSEMINATION - BY DONOR (AID): Same process as AIH by with the sperm of an anonymous donor. 


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Keywords 2

EGG DONATION: When an egg is donated by another woman, fertilised using IVF by the husbands sperm and then placed into the wife's womb.

EMBRYO DONATION: When both egg and sperm come from donors, are fertilised using IVF then inserted into the wife's womb mechanically.

SURROGACY: Either when the egg and sperm of wife and husband are fertilised by IVF and then placed into another woman's womb or when another woman is artifically inseminated by the husbands sperm. In both cases after birth the woman hands the baby to husband and wife.

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Other facts


1)Lots of ppl have fertility problems 12.5% in UK

2)Men have fertility problems 1.5 million in UK

3)2007 12% of all babies born as a result of this treatment

4)Human nature to breed - if we have the means we should use it

5)Treatments avoid mental illness which could be a result of not being able to have children.

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