Treaties after ww1

a breif description of the treaties put in place after world war 1 :)

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Austria: the Treaty of St. Germain 1919

  • Austria lost her empire including Hungary, Bohemia and Moravia, Transilvania and croatia
  • Hungary, Czechoslovakia and Yugoslavia became separate states
  • Austria was forbidden to join with germany
  • Austrian armed forces were limmeted to 30,000
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Bulgaria: the Treaty of Neuilly 1919

  • Bulgairia lost some territory to Greese and yugoslavia, but gained some from Turkey
  • her armed forces were limited to 20,000
  • charged £100 million in reparations
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Hungary: the Treaty of Trianon 1920

  • Hungary had been co-head of the Ausrian Empire and shared in Austrian territorial losses.
  • 3 million Hungarians were lost to their country.
  • Reperations were expected, but the countries economy was too ruined for it to pay
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Turkey: Treaty of Sevres 1920

  • lost control of the straits running into the Black Sea and Smyrna to greece.
  • lost Morocco, Tunisia, Syria and Lebanon to France and Iraq. Palestine and Transjordan to Britain 
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