Travel & Tourism Unit 1

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Currency Fluctuations

The change of currency, over a period of time. It is about exchange rates and is between two countries.

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external pressures

Currency fluctuation

Development of Tourism Act 1969

Transport Acts


Terriost Attacks

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What is tourism?

The temporary, short term of movement of people going to different destination outside that place they live and work, and their activities during their stay at the different destinations.

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Product-cannot be touched or experienced at purchase

e.g. holiday cannot touch or hold but you can experience it

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giving booking confirmation & reminders beforehand to sell the dream package.

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You cannot sell a hotel room for 22/8 on the 23/8 as it would of be sold and would be out of date, but a CD can sell on both dates and every date as they don't have a time limit.













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Public Sector

The Public Sector is about gathering tourist information, to research, develop & market tourism in a destination. It is owned by the government, and this sector is not run for profit, and is based on enocuraging attractions to open in the local areas. An example of who works in the public sector is ATOL to travel companies.

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Private Sector

This is a business that is owned by individuals, and is the opposite of public, as it is run for profit

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Is when two companies from difference sectors of the chain of distribution rely upon each other and if one of the comapnies do something poorly the the other company will suffer.

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when two companies from different sectors join together to work, with or without their choosing.

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Vertical Integration

When a company at one level of the chain creates another company at a different place along the chain e.g. Travel Agent takes over a Tour Operator

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Horizontal Intergration

when a company at one level of the chain creates another company at the same level of the chain. E.g. Travel Agent creates another Travel Agent

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