Transporting materials

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The Heart

- Right pump- forces deoxygenated blood to the lungs

- Oxygenated blood pumped to the rest of the body by the left pump

Heart has 4 chambers

-Upper ones called the atria recieve blood from the vena cava(right), pulmonary vein(left)

- Atria contract force blood into the pulmonary atery(right), Aorta(left)

- Valves prevent backflow

-Veins - Atria - Ventricles - Arteries

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Blood flowing


-Carry blood AWAY

-Have thick walls


-Thinner walls

-Often contain valves


-Narrow, thin vesseled

-carry blood through organ, exchange of substances

Stents- inserted to keep blood vessel open

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Blood composition

Plasma -Carbon dioxide, soluble products, urea

Red blood cells

-Biconcave discs

-Haemoglobin- oxyhaemoglobin

White blood cells

-Have a nucleus

-Defence system


-Small fragments of cells

-No nucleus

-Help to clot blood at site of wound

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Artificial blood



-No matching

-Not as much oxygen

-Expensive, unpleasant side effects


-Lack of heart donors

-No need for immunosuppressant drugs

-Problems with blood clotting

-Long stays in hospital

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