Transitional Period Vases


Feast in the Presence of Athena - Andokides Painte


Part of a bi-lingual vase. Black-figure on one side. Red on the other

Depicts either Heracles of Dionysus feasting the presence of Athena

Central figure isn't given much detail, particularly with the clothin

The attempt at depth just appears to be a small table under the central figure

Lotus chain above the frieze

Figures are quite angular, with sharp edges rather than natural round curves

Space feels cluttered 

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Feast in the Presence of Athena - Lysippides Paint


Red figure side of bi-lingual vase

Centeral figure lacks much muscularture, is very thin. How could this be Heracles?

Red-figure much more clear to see, the scene is more coherent

Depth is more obvious, things overlap slightly giving that impression

Red-figure gives a greater impression of roundness

Lotus band at the top of the frieze borders it, directing the gaze of the onlooker into the main frieze

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