Transforming Graph's

These cards will breiefly explain the different ways that graphs can be transformed

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Y - axis

  • The y -axis does what you think it should do
  • If it's +1 it goes up by one
  • If it's -1 it goes down by one
  • Think of the y -axis as the YES axis - It does the logical thing
  • Nod your head when thinking about this axis to help you as it goes up and down in the logical way
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x - axis

  • The x -axis doesn't do what you think it should
  • If it's +1 it goes TO THE LEFT
  • If it's -1 it goes TO THE RIGHT
  • Think of the X -axis as the NO axis as it doesn't do the logical thing
  • Shake your head as it goes left to right but dosen't do the logical thing
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Inside and outside of brackets

  • If something is added inside the bracket the x -axis is affected
  • If something is added outside the bracket the y -axis is affected
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  • y = f(x) -2
    • This means all the y cooridnates are reduced by two
  • y = f(x +2)
    • This means all the x coordinates are recued by two

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  • y=2f(x)
    • All y coordinates are multiplied by two
  • y=f(2x)
    • All x coordinates are divided by two
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  • y=-f(x)
    • This means that the y coordinates flipped across the y axis
    • If the orginal coordinate was (0,1) it becomes (0,-1)
  • y=f(-x)
    • This means that the x coordinates filliped across the x axis
    • This image will show how it should look(
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