Transformation of surgery c1845 - c1918

The developments and transformations in surgery from c1845-c1918

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Nitrous Oxide (laughing gas) first used as a dental anaesthetic by Horace Wells.

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What effect does this have?


Surgeons could work more carefully and take more time if the patient was not struggling.

Blood loss was still a problem.


Sometimes made patients vomit

It tended to irritate the lungs of patients so that they coughed when unconscious

Highly flammable which was dangerous because the only form of artificial light was from candles or gas lights.

Produced deep sleep which could last days

Had to be carried in large heavy glass bottles which are difficult to carry.

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1846 part 2

Semmelweiss cut the death rate from infection of new mothers with good hygiene.

Semmelweiss' Discovery

He made students working in the delivery room wash their hands using a chlorinated solution. This reduced death rate significantly.

Unfortunately ...

Doctors laughed at him and he was fired.

His methods were followed

By James Simpson

and Florence Nightingale

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Needs expanding.

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