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 TRANSCRIPTION- The first part of the process of making a protein, It takes place in the cell's nucleus. 

 (1)The DNA in the gene unzips so both strands are seperate. One strand is used as a template.

(2)Complementary bases attach to the strand being copied- C joins G etc.   

(3)Thymine are not present so a different base ,U, joins to A as T would have done. 

(4)This creates a strand called the messanger RNA(mRNA)                                                                                                                                                                 (5)mRNA is small enough to move out of the nucleus- it goes to Ribosomes in the cyptoplasm. 

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TRANSLATION- Takes place in the ribosomes. This is where the mRNA is interpreted and new proteins formed.

(1)mRNA attaches to the ribosome, the ribsome reads te mRNA.

(2)Ribosome decodes mRNA in condons (groups of three) which are complimentary to bases in transfer RNA (tRNA)

(3)The tRNA is specifc to the amino acid it collects and returns to the mRNA.

(4)The amino acids are now lined up in order of the instructions on the mRNA.  

(5)Bonds form between the amino acids, a polypeptide chain is formed.

(6)The polypeptide chain folds and becomes a specific shape forming a protein.

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