Geography Revision for Tourism 

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Tourism in the 21st century

  • Many companies have made flights cheaper allowing more people to go on holiday at much cheaper prices. These usually only consisted of people travelling around Europe, but now companies such as Easy Jet and Ryan Air have introduced new long haul flights. 
  • With the Internet, booking holidays has become easier and cheaper. There is no need to go and book holidays at travel agents at which you pay for the shop and the travel agent. 
  • Communication between people around the world has increased the popularity of different countries. Images of countries are online and reviews of hotels and holiday destinations allow people to see what the area is like before they book.
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"Tourism is travel for recreational, leisure or business purposes."

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Tourism before the 21st century

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Tourism produces conflict between a number of different people.

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Conflict between farmer and tourist

( have conflict with ( the tourist can not only disturb the animals on the farm but they could leave gates open letting the animals escape and trespassers on the farmers property can ruin their crops which in turn effects the income of the farmer. A solution to this is to have signs near farms & have fines if found trespassing on the farmers ground.

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Conflict between local people and tourists

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