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Tourists are only permitted to visit if:

  • They can only visit on small ships of 10 to 16 tourists, most of which are owned by local people
  • The tourists can only visit a limited number of places on the Islands, thus protecting the rest of the Islands
  • The tourists are only allowed to visit in small numbers.
  • Visitors also receive information on how to conserve the Islands prior to their departure to the Islands.
  • They also have to pay a £25 fee to promote conservation on the Islands
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Evaulation of Ecotourism

There are still some problems from the overuse of some sites (honey pot sites), oil spills from boats, and pollution to the Islands water supply and the water supply is put under pressure from the tourists use.

However, local people make a valuable living from tourism and there are few other employment opportunities available.  Tourists also generate a lot of businesses in the local economy as guides, restraints, hotels, boats owners and cleaners all benefit.

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