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Tourism Definitions

Tourism- all the activities tourists take part in and the services that support them.

Tourist- a tourist is a person who travels to a place that is not in their usual environment and stays for at least one night.

Day tripper- visiting an attraction/place for the day and not staying overnight.

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Jobs created by Tourism

Jobs created by tourism:

  • Souvenir sellers

  • Travel agents

  • Air stewards/transport staff

  • Tour guides/instructors

  • Catering

  • Hotel staff

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Reasons for increase in Tourism

  • Advanced technology

  • Easier to travel/greater accessibility

  • Cheaper travel

  • Advertising (package holidays)

  • Competitions by companies

  • Events (Olympics)

  • Educational trips/Gap years/media industry/business trips

  • Sporting holidays
  • People visiting family and friends
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Inbound Tourism

Inbound Tourism- tourists coming into UK (or any other country)


  • Millions of people in the UK work in jobs directly linked to tourism
  • Millions of holidays are taken in the UK, bringing millions of pounds

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Outbound Tourism

Outbound Tourism- tourists going on holiday out of the UK (the country that they live in)

People go abroad because:

  • It’s cheaper

  • Easier to reach now

  • Family live abroad

  • Villas

  • Landmarks

  • Climate

  • Advertising

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Domestic and International Tourism

Domestic Tourism- tourism within your own country (national)  

International Tourism- tourism not in your own country

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Decline in Tourism

Why has there been a decline in Tourism?

  •  Oil prices are rising as oil begins to run out. This makes flights more expensive.
  • People are worried about the amount of CO2 released into the atmosphere so prefer not to travel long distances, because they know that it will speed up global warming.
  • Some countries only allow people with Visas to visit their country
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Tourism in Benidorm

  • Tourism in Benidorm has recently grown due to a rise in package holidays
  • It brings benefits such as more income, prosperity and jobs.
  • However it brings challenges such as making sure that the tourists keep coming and keeping the streets clean.
  • People visit as it is near the UK, cheap, hot and has many beaches.
  • Tourism comes from all over the world, especially Britain and Europe, however most is domestic.
  • Tourism needs managing in Benidorm because of crime and the damage to the environment.
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Problems with tourism in Benidorm – And solutions

  • Skyscrapers that ruin landscape – height restrictions on buildings, built traditional (white) houses to try and blend in
  • Congestion on roads – new roads were built, paid for by toll stations, wide roads diverting traffic
  • Water Shortage because of pools and showers – areas with lots of water give water to Benidorm, 'recycle' tourist water for crops
  • Poorly paid seasonal jobs- promote year round months
  • There is lots of litter from tourists – beaches are cleaned by hand, extra bins.
  • The sea is dirtied very easily – People regularly test the water and add chemicals to clean it.
  • Crime- more police
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Location of Gambia

Gambia is located in West Africa along the coast and river, giving it many physical attractions and encouraging tourism. It is a very poor country and it depends on farming for income.         

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How is Gambia Advertised?

How is Gambia advertised?

  • Attracts people with lots of money.
  • Welcoming, bright, culture, vibrant.

  • Attracts international tourists.

  • Attracts people who want to learn about Gambia’s culture.   

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Problems with Tourism in Gambia

  • Tourists sometimes are pestered by Gambians trying to sell them things.
  • Gambians do not like tourists because they take over their beaches.
  • Tourists have many water supplies but many villages have just one tap.
  • Supplies for tourists are imported rather than buying from tourists.
  • People go around in skimpy clothing which is offensive to some people.
  • Gambia hardly gets any money from tourism.
  • Tourism creates very low paying jobs.   
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Sustainable Tourism

Sustainable Tourism- tourism that lasts for future generations.

Ecotourism- an example of sustainable tourism. It is tourism that protects the environment and involves local people. It makes sure that tourists are educated about culture, locals have a say in tourism and natural resources are used to build things.

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The Ese'ja

The Ese’ja is a rainforest tribe who live in the Amazon, in Peru and Bolivia.

They were once hunters, moving in search of food, now they are more settled.

They grow crops and keep cattle they still hunt a bit and gather Brazil nuts from the rainforest to sell.  

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Ese'ja and Ecotourism

How do the Ese'ja practise ecotourism?

  • They have a say in decisions.
  • The lodge is made from local materials
  • They sell food to the lodge.

  • Tourists buy souvenirs from them.

  • The people act as rainforest guides for the tourists.

  • Some are trained to do jobs in the lodge.   
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