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Domestic tourism - going on holiday in your own country

why is tourism important?

  • provides jobsfor local people
  • more jobs and income for those who suply tourist companys

torism in the uk

  • the uk earns more than £80 billion a year though tourism
  • the uk is popular beacuse of its countryside, history and churches
  • the uk imployes over 1 million people to work in the tourism sector
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factors that affact tourism

  • weather
  • econimy of the country they visit
  • crime ates in the counrty they visit
  • exchange rates
  • mayjor events e.g olyimpics

why is tourism increasing?

  • people are living longer
  • people tend to have smaller families so holidays will be cheaper
  • travel is becomng cheapr and easier to book
  • internet booking makes holidays more accesable to people
  • more attractions are being built
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card three

lake district

  • located in the north west england
  • mostly upland
  • has been a national park since 1951

main attractions

  • home to a wide rage of ecosystums
  • has 101 sssi's (special site of scientific intrest)
  • lots of lakes, mountains and hills
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card four

prolems with tourism in lake district

  • tourist activites are not necessarily going to be good for the enviroment or countryside
  • tourist can cause congestion, littering and noise
  • lots walkers leads to footpath erosion
  • visitors oftern park around houses and on the grass


  • some paths have been reconstructed and acsess has been limeted to slow down rates of footpath erosion
  • visitors are incouragd to use public transport where possible to reduce congestion on roads
  • parking facilities have been inproved to stop people parking near houses and on the grass
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card five

genaral problems with tourism

  • enployment can be seasonal and wages can be low
  • house prices may rise due to demand for second homes
  • local shops may have to close to make way for moreprofitable shops (useally big chains)
  • narrow roads cause congestion

posible sollutions

  • risticting the number of visitors and cars to areas
  • foundraising to repair damge caused by tourist in the countryside
  • intduce congestion charge to non residents to reduce congestion
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responsible tourism

holiday companies are tring to be incresingly responsible by:

  • making sure tourists know about the culture and ecoimy of the places they visit
  • respecing local customs
  • using local businesses which keep and preserve traditional values and culture
  • buying from small businesses so money goes directry to the local econemy
  • using compaines that minimise pollution, waste, energy and water use


  • the past decade has seen an increase in demsnd for ecotourism and responsible travel to consever the natural enviroments and habitats
  • ecotourism is oftern based around unique enviroments or wildlife habitats.
  • ecotourists usealy travel in small groups aroud enviroments that are carfully protected and mangaged
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