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Growth in tourism

Tourism is a growing industry - people are having more holidays and longer holidays. Here is why-
People have more disposable income
Companies give more paid holidays
Travel has become cheaper
Holiday providers use the internet to sell their products which makes them cheaper.

Some areas have become more popular than they use to because-
Improvments to transport
Countries in more unusual destinations have got better at marketting themselves
Many countries have invested in infrastructure for tourism.

Cities, mountains and coasts are all popular tourist areas.

Tourism is important-
Creates jobs
Increases income of other businesses
Poor countries benefit hugely from tourism.

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UK tourism

Tourism makes a big contribution to the UK Economy

32 million visitors to britain in 2008. It is popular for the countryside and historic landmarks and churches/cathedrals
London is particually popular for its museums, theatres and shopping.

Factors that affect tourism in UK-
Bad Weather
The recession
Exchange rates
Terrorism and conflict

The tourist area life cycle model shows how visitor numbers change
1) Exploration- small number of visitors attracted to an area.
2) Involvment- Local people start to provide facilities for tourists
3) Development- more visitors come. Businesses are set up.
4) Consolidation- number of tourists levels off
5) Stagnation- visitor numbers have peaked. Facilities no longer as good
6) rejuvenation OR decline
R - more tourists come because of new facilities D- Fewer visitors as area not good

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Mass tourism

Mass tourism is tourism on a big scale, organised for large numbers of people like a package holiday in spain.
It has positive and negative impacts-
Economic impacts = P: Brings more money, creates jobs,increases income of businesses
N: A lot of the money goes to large businesses instead of local economy
Social Impacts = P: Jobs mean younger people are likely to stay in the area, improved roads and infrastructure
N: Jobs for young working in tourism is often badly paid, traffic congestion, behaviour of some tourists offends locals
Environmental impacts= P: Income from tourism can be reinvested in protecting the environment
N: More air pollution, increased amount of litter, river pollution and destruction of natural habitats

Reducing negatives - Improve public transport, Limiting number of visitors in certain areas and providing bins. 

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Tourism in extreme environments

Extreme environments are becoming increasing attractive with tourists because-
Ideal settings for adventure holidays like jeep tours and river rafting
Some people want to try something different
People enjoy an element of risk
Some wildlife could only be seen in these areas

Tourism is increasing in extreme environments because-
Improvements to transport
People are keen to see places like antarctica for themselves before the ice melts
More disposable money
TV and advertising have helped increases popularity

Tourism can be damaging (Himalayas)-
Trees cut down to provide fuel
Deforestation destroys habitats
Footpaths eroded causing landslides
Toliets poor or non-existent, so rivers become polluted by sewage.

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Ecotoursim doesnt destroy the environment
It involves Conservation- protecting and managing the environment
Stewardship - taking responsibility for conserving the environment
Both involving local people

Econtourism is a small-scale activity with only a small number of visitors

Ecotourism benfits the Environment, Economy and Local people

Environment- Local people encouraged to conserve the environment
Reduces poaching and hunting since locals will benefit more from protecting them
Reduces the use of fossil fuels
Waste that tourists create is disposed of carefully

Economic- Creates jobs for locals
Local economy growth
People can sell crafts to visitors and food

Local people- More stable incomes and ecotourism schemes fund projects like schools and health centres

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