GCSE Geography, Tourism, Edexcel

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Types of holidays

Adventure holidays:

  • for challenges, exploring, skills development
  • for younger people or active over 50s
  • examples include Exodus and Activities Abroad

Package holidays:

  • everything arranged by a tour company
  • includes price of transportation and accomodation
  • eg. First Choice or Thoman Cook

Backpacking holidays:

  • low cost, independant travel
  • usually camping
  • now more sophisticated, with budget hotels
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Why The Tourist Industry Has Grown - Social

Increase in leisure time: more holiday entitlement, shorter working weeks, early retirment/pensions, ageing population

April 2009 - 28 paid holiday days a year

1981 - 15 paid holiday days a year

People have flexitime (flexible working hours)

Communications - development of reservation systems and advertising. Most people book online

Consumer needs - Butlins in the 50s was for British holidaymakers. Theme parks such as Disney. Package holidays cater for needs and weddings

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Why The Tourist Industry Has Grown - Political

Changes in policies that countries have towards tourism.

Some Communist countries didn't welcome tourists from other parts of the world.

Visas are still required for places such as Cuba and China.

North Korea don't welcome tourists due to national security.

Relaxation of boundaries mean people can move around freely

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Why The Tourist Industry Has Grown - Economic

Greater wealth: more disposable income, fewer children, two-income families, minimum wage is higher.

Incomes have increase, with an average wage of £23,000 in 2008

Transport: motorways let you reach a destination more quickly, saving money. The cost per person on a plane is now less, and so are cruise ships. Budget airlines are cheaper, more short breaks for culture or stag/hen nights.

Exchange Rates: fluctuations in currency make holidays more attractive. In 2007 the US had a 20% increase of UK tourists because the exchange rate was $2 to the £1

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