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animal / medical research


  • saves humans
  • humans have similarities with humans
  • new medicines depend on animals


  • no consent
  • no evidence benifitting humans
  • 92% used on animals fail on humans
  • experiment on alternatives


  • try to change laws 
  • raise care of animals
  • stops pet over population
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  • seeing god in nature
  • awe and wonderment

protect the environment

world summits which include UN leaders and charities

difficult to agree as:

industrial production, greed and needs

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  • expensive 
  • hard to find donor
  • may go wrong
  • low egg supply


  • cant withdraw
  • disagreements
  • against religion playing god


  • egg and sperm in petrie dish 
  • kept warm for few days
  • 25% success rate
  • cannot concieve naturally
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donor cont.


  • another woman carries baby
  • IVF Or AID/H
  • illegal to pay in UK
  • high success rate
  • can choose to keep baby if no consent


  • done by donor or husband
  • doctors collet semen samples
  • injects semen into womb during ovulation


  • husband low sperm count
  • low success rate
  • easy process
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embryo research

embryo reasearch

  • learn about development of embryos and disease
  • Can help find a cure
  • Embryos younger than 14 days

Stem cell research

  • Grow organs and repair
  • Repair brain for patients
  • once cells are removed embryos die

Genetic engineering

  • Genetic make up modified
  • Disease Treated
  • Disorders
  • unethical
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Embryo research continued


  • Asexual reproduction
  • Exact replica
  • Illegal on humans
  • Human fetus from one person
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maintaining life - blood

jehovias Witnesses do not believe in blood transfusion as life is in the blood

Human experimentation

  • new drugs
  • To observe behaviours


  • Informed consent
  • Confidentiality
  • Right to withdraw
  • protect from harm
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assister dying (illegal in britain)

Greek for a good death

What does death mean?

  • Vital organs stop functioning
  • Soul leaves the body

Passive euthanasia

  • Allowing people who are kept alive artificially to die
  • Active euthanasia
  • Kill to end suffering e.g. suicide

Palliative care

  • Relieving and preventing the suffering of patients
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Euthanasia continued


  • Should be able to choose to end suffering
  • Painless
  • No life
  • Chance to say goodbye


  • Murder
  • Family may disagree
  • God only allowed to take life
  • May feel pressured

Doctors have to agree that the patient is brain-dead during passive euthanasia And they need consent from family.

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rich And poor

Money lead to:

  • Greed
  • Jealousy
  • trouble

Setting up your own business can lead to:

  • Lots of money
  •  your own boss
  • Your own hours
  • Can fail
  • And can be risky

Illegal money

  • Easy Quick And can lead to lots of money
  • However can be risky dangerous and can lead to regret
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Rich and poor continued

Inheritance money

  • Easy
  • No work
  • Can get the owners property
  • Reliable
  • But somebody has to die in order to get the money
  • inHeritance tax
  • Can lead to family dispute


  • Easy
  • Enjoyable
  • addictive
  • Debt
  • Illegal
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Rich and poor continued

The poverty trap

Definition: unable to escape poverty, dependent on benefits.

  • minimum wage
  • Benefits
  • Housing benefits
  • Working for credits
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  • Morphine
  • alchol
  • painkillers
  • anti-depressants
  • tobacco/nicotine


  • cocaine
  • heroine
  • ketamine
  • speed
  • acid
  • cannabis

a drug is a substance that when taken effects the mind and the body

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drugs cont.

Why people take drugs:

  • experimental - to experience what its like
  • recreational - to socialise, used in social setting
  • experimental - to 'enjoy' the effects (to relax, to make us more alert etc.)
  • addiction - when someone can not stop temselves taking drugs

Stimulant is a drug that temporarily quickens some vital processes

Depressant is a drug that decreases the rate of vital psychological activities

  • class a drugs - possession: up to 7 years, unlimited fine or both
  • supply and production: up to life in prison, unlimited fine or both
  • class b drugs - possession: up to 5 year, unlimited fine or both
  • supply and production: up to 14 years in prison, unlimited fine or both
  • class c drugs - possession: up to 2 years in prison, unlimited fine or both
  • supply and production: up to 14 years in prison, unlimited fine or both
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drugs cont.

against lealisation of weed:

  • drugs fuel crime
  • shoplifting
  • gateway drug
  • too dangerous to be legalised

for legalisation:

  • criminalisation hasnt worked
  • only dangerous for minority
  • alchol and tobacco legal
  • not a gateway drug
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Crime and punishment

any activity that breaks the law = crime

against person

  • murder
  • ****
  • stealing
  • assault
  • identity theft

against property

  • robbery
  • trespassing

against state

  • terrorism
  • tax invasion
  • military offences
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crime cont.

crimes against religion

  • insulting god
  • sacred religious artifacts

Parlimentary laws - apply to everyone in uk

bye-laws - apply to specific area

indictable laws - everyone subject to same treatment - serious

non-indidctable laws - not everyone subject to same treatment

young offender - a juvenile under 16 who commits minor crimes and antisocial behaviour

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  • keeps away from innocent people - protection
  • good punishment to warn them not to do it again - detterence
  • may change them for better - reformation
  • gives victims justice - retribution
  • law is upheld and crime does not pay - vindication\


  • over crowded - hard to control, assault, bad hygene, disease spreads quickly
  • prisons are old
  • keepingprisons are expensive
  • suicide and self harm rate high
  • rise in young people

non-custodial sentences- alternative to prison eg. fine, probation, communtity service

non custodial sentences for young offenders eg. attendence sentence order, community service

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prison cont.

no longer than 240 hrs = community service

probation can be coupled with rehab

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