Topic 9 - HCI


Topic 9 - Command Line Interface

These are itnerfaces where you have to type in commands in a certain language in order to get the computer to do something

Advantages of CLI

  • Quicker - Sometimes you can do a task quicker by typing a command line rather than using the mouse and other features

Disadvantages of CLI

  • Very difficult for beginners to use - Have to learn the structure (syntax) of commands
  • Have to remember instructions - Hard to remember the instructions you need for a particular task
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Topic 9 - Graphical User Interface

With these interfaces, instead of typing in commands, you enter them by pointing and clicking objects on the screen.

Advantages of GUI

  • Use of icons - Beginners can simply select programs or things they want to do by pointing and double clicking
  • Easier to use the mouse - Most users prefer to use a mouse to point and click rather than the keyboard

Disadvantages of GUI

  • More memory is needed - Some GUIs have large memory requirements so older computers may need upgrading or new computers bought
  • Increased processing requirements - Faster and more powerful processors are needed to run the latest GUIs
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Menu Driven Interface

A user is presented with a list of options and they type in the letter or number of their selection

Advantages of MDI

  • A simple interface which is easy to use

Disadvantages of MDI

  • Only suitable where there are few items to select from on the menu
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Topic 9 - Voice Interface

Advantages of Voice Recognition

  • Faster than typing
  • 99% accuracy as long as the computer has been taught recognising your voice
  • Cheap - Many computers come with a microphone so the only cost is the software

Disadvantages of Voice Recognition

  • Takes a while to get used to - Can be frustrating for beginners to use
  • Errors due to background noise - few people have their own offices. Background noises can cause errors as the system tries to inrepret these sounds
  • Not accurate at first - you may need to train the system about your voice
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Topic 9 - Devices

Graphical Devices - Tablets

Game Playing Devices - Steering Wheel, Joystick, Game controller, Speakers

Touch Sensitive Screens - Allows person to make selection by simply touching the screen (buying train tickets). Very simple to use

Biometric Devices - Pattern of the blood vessels at the back of the eye, fingerprints, face

Biometric devices are used for school registration, recordng employees as they arrive and leave work

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