Topic 7 - Presenting Information


Topic 7 - Web Authoring

Hyperlink - An area of a webpage, usually a section of text or an image that contains a link to another location on the web

Example - Picture of a dress on a women's shopping site, click on it takes you to that product

Frame - Section of webpage in which semi independent activities can take place

Example - An area with a menu of group of linkd

HTML Benefits

Loads faster than using a template

Can place graphics more accurately

Allows better customisation

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Topic 7 - Word Processing/DTP

Template - Stored master document with a pre-defined layout which can be used as a basis for other documents

Example - Pre-defined letter for sending information to customers

Macro - A stored list of instructions which is used to automate a task, list or program

Example - Adding a manager's signature to a letter

Mailmerge - Incorporating data automatically from a store into an outline document

Example - Creating a set of letters informing shareholders of the annual general meeting

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Topic 7 - Database Software

Query - When you interrogate a database to find some information

Example - Search to find all patients with breathing problems becasue they need to be sent flu injection letters

Example - A search to find U category films because a parent wants suitable films for kid party

Report - The output from a database in which the results are presented in a way that is controlled by the user

Example - Producing formatted lists of patients who are in need of screening tests

Example - Producing formatted lists of customers with their main genre preferences

Import/Export - Transferring of data from one piece of software to another

Example - Merging names and addressed into a word processing program to produce appointment letters

Example - Exporting names and addresses into word processing program to produce overdue reminder letters

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Topic 7 - Presentation Software

Animated Transitions - When you give an entry effect when you move from one slide to another

In a tutorial, this could help keep pupils interested

Templates - Master Slides with design and some basic information already included (fonts)

Saves you having to create from scratch

Hyperlinks - Clicking on an object or text to take you to another file

In a tutorial, click to take to an online demonstration

Importing Files - Bringing in information from another piece of software or presentation

Saves having to retype information such as exam results

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