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This revision card will be about Postmodernism, Family Diversity and Giddens: Choice and Equality

Postmodernism and Family Diversity

  • Postmodernists argue society has entered a new, chaotic postmodern stage instead of a modern world.
  • Individuals have much more choice in their lifestyles, personal relationships and family arrangements.
  • Family life has become more diverse. There is no longer one single type of family that is dominant.
  • There is a chance greater freedom of choice in relationships means a greater risk of instability.  
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Giddens: Choice and Equality

  • Giddens argues that in recent dates, family and marriage have been transformed by greater choice and a more equal relationship between men and women.
  • Woman have gained independence as a resualt of feminism, so therefore they have greater opportunities in education and work.
  • Contraception has allowed sex and intimacy rather than reproduction to become the main reason for a relationship's existence.
  • Because of this, couples are free to define there relationship how they want instead of acting out the traditional roles.
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Giddens: Choice and Equality

  • The 'Pure Relationship' exists purely to meet each other's indiviual needs.
  • Couples now stay togethere because of love, ahppiness and sexual attraction instead of tradition and for the sake of children.
  • To establish 'who we are' trying different relationships is a process of self discovery.
  • Giddens also belives more choice in a relationship leads to less stability.
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