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Beck and Risk Society

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Beck and Risk Society

  • Ulrich Beck (1992) believs that we live in a 'Rick Society' where tradition has less influence and people have more choice.
  • Traditional patriarchal family was unequal and opressive. It has now been defined by two trends: Gender Equality and Greater Individualism.
  • Gender Equality: which has challenged male domination is all spheres of life. Women now expect equality both at work and in marriage
  • Greater Individualism: Where peoples actions are influenced more by calculations of their own self-interest than by a sense of obligation to others.
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Beck and Risk Society

  • Ulrich Beck and Elisabeth Beck-Gernsheim (1995) call this the negotiated family.Negotiated families do not conform to the traditional family norm.
  • They enter the realtionship on an equal basis.
  • Although the negotiated family is more equal than the patriarchal family, it is less stable.
  • In todays uncertain risk society, people look at the family as a haven of security. Family relationships are now subject to greater risk than ever.
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