Topic 5: On The Wild Side

The environment, ecosystems, climate change, etc.

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5.1 What is an ecosystem?

Biosphere is an area of earth inhabited by living organisms, ecosytems exist within the biosphere and have distinctive features that affect organisms there. The various population in an ecosystem or habitat make up a community. A niche is the requirements that an animal has to survive in a habitat.

Species in a habitat depend on factors ABIOTIC (non-living) and BIOTIC (living)

Abiotic Factors                                                        Biotic Factors

  • Light                                                             Competition for resources
  • Climate                                                         Grazing, Predation, Parasitism
  • Altitude                                                         (where on species benefits from
  • Oxygen availabilty                                         another)
  • pH Factors and soil textures(drainage)        Mutualism (both species benefit)
  • Pollution
  • Catastrophes (fires, earthquakes etc)
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