Topic 4 - Validation and Verification


Topic 4 - Validiation

Validation - A comptuer check to ensure that the data entered is sensible, reasonable and legal

Range Check - Data is between stated ranges (1 and 12 for months for DOB or delivery date/Students in secondary school are 11-18)

Format Check - Data must be in the correct pre-defined layout (Postcode, DOB)

Presence Check - Data must be present in certain fields (starred fields, @ in email address)

Length Check - Must have a certain number of characters (phone number, credit card 16 digits)

Data Type Check - Data must be of a specified type - numerical, text (year, quantity required)

Check Digit - Doing maths on a code number to generate an extra number on the end (ISBN, product code)

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Topic 4 - Verification

Verification - A human check done to ensure that data has been copied accurately from one medium to another

Proof Reading - Being asked to check what you have entered is correct before being allowed to move on (ordered right quantity, entering pupil details into a database)

Double entry – Having to re-enter data which must be exactly the same before being able to continue (email address, password,  account number when creating the account/when changing password)

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