Topic 4- The identity of Jesus

Topic 4- The identity of Jesus. RE

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4.1 - Jesus is baptised

Keywords- Baptism, John the Baptist

The baptism of Jesus by John the Baptist is shown by Mark as the beginning of Jesus' ministry. Different Christian denominations have different beliefs about the practice of baptism and this can cause problems for some Christians today.

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Christians today-

As a Jew, Jesus would have practised this form of ritual cleansing. At the time of Pentecost, Jesus' disciples baptised people after they had received the holy spirit. Today, most Christians use baptism. They do this to follow the example of Jesus and the disciples. Some people believe that the holy spirit enters your body as you are baptised, therefore becoming a Christian. However, a lot of people disagree on when a baptism should take place in someone's life.

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4.2- Peter at Caesarea Philippi

Keywords-Confession, Elijah, Messiah

Peter recognised Jesus was the Christ, the Messiah, when Jesus asked who people thought he was. Roman Catholics feel that the account of the story in Matthew's gospel is more important because they believe that Peter was their first Pope.

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Christians Today-

The Roman Catholic Church teaches that this event marked the appointment of Peter as the first pope- the person who would lead the Christian Church after Jesus' ascension into heaven. Peter in Greek is "Petros" meaning "rock" and in Matthews account he claims Jesus said "On this rock, I will build my church" meaning it would be built on Peters leadership.

What peter's confession at Caesarea Philippi shows about Jesus in Mark, and why Matthew's record is more important for Roman Catholic Christians today.

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4.3- The transfiguration

Keywords- Moses

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