Topic 3 - Home and Personal Communication Systems

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Wireless Communication

Advantages of Wireless Communication

  • You are not restricted to where you can work
  • You can work whilst on the move
  • Fewer/no trailing wires to trip over
  • It is easier to keep a working space clean if there are not as many wires in the way
  • No costs associated with sinking wires

 Disadvantages of Wireless Communication

  • The danger of hackers reading messages
  • There are areas where you cannot get a wireless network
  • There may be danger to your health


What is wireless technology? Discuss it's advantages and disadvantages.

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  • Wireless keyboards and mice avoids clutter on your desk and makes the desk easier to clean
  • Wireless handsets allowing you to use a mobile legally whilst driving
  • Sharing data such as picture, voice, music and video wirelessly with others
  • Printing a picture from your camera phone
  • Listening to music using wireless earphones
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Bluetooth cont.

Advantages of Bluetooth

  • No wires are needed
  • You can synchronize devices
  • It is very easy to use

Disadvantages of Bluetooth

  • Can only be used over short distances
  • Relatively short bandwidth
  • There are health concerns similar to the use of mobile phones
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Geographical Information Systems (GIS)

  • ICT system that is used to capture, manage, analyse and display geographically referenced information
  • Satellite navigation systems are a type of GIS
  • Route-finders are an example of GIS

Using GIS you can:

  • Determine how far it is from one place to another
  • See a birds eye view of your house and it's surroundings
  • Plan the quickest route to school/college
  • View the surroundings when you go to a new place or go on holiday
  • Look at the surrounding area when you are thinking of buying or renting a new property
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