Topic 1: Relationships

This topic includes Christian's views on Relationships, and how the Imago Dei is incorperated with it.



·       Duties you should carry out, like helping out a spouse/partner

·       Liabilities

·       Obligations

·       Something you do out of a sense of duty, or because you are expected to do so

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·       Dedication towards something or someone

·       Making AND keeping a promise

·       Something you choose to do, or be for a person

·       Being devoted towards someone or something

·       Keeping an obligation

·       Something you want to do or be perhaps because of something else you have already chosen for yourself
i.e. in regard to marriage by choosing a partner you might want to be a good partner, and do nothing that disrespects your partner.

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Relationships and the Imago Dei:

As God is ontologically love, and as we are made in the Imago Dei, a part of our ontology is love also. We therefore need to find love within ourselves and with other people. This is where relationships come in.

With relationships comes responsibility and commitment.

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Christian's view on sex:

Chastity: not having sex till after marriage
Design Argument of God: heterosexuality being the future plan – ideal plan

 Protestants believe – get married if you like/being gay is ok, but no *******
Catholics believe – marriage is God’s ideal plan/ being gay is a big NO!!!

ALL Christians believe being a prostitute is scarring and WRONG!
ALL Christians believe adultery is WRONG!

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Different types of love:

Affection for things and animals - 'Sentimental love'

Love of friends and family - Stronger bond between people

Sexual love - physical love between two people

Unconditional love, given freely and unreservedly

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Revising the different types of love:

Storge                                                                  Sexual love

Agape                                                                  Love of friends and family

Eros                                                                     Sentimental love

Philia                                                                    Unconditional love

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