Topic 12 - Web and Presentation Software

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Target Audience

Once you have identified your audience you still need to find out more about them. You must ask yourself questions such as:

  • What are their needs
  • How much do they know already
  • What is the knowledge of the reader about the subject
  • What level of literacy do they have
  • How much specialist vocab can they handle
  • How interested are they likely to be in the subject

Target audiences include

  • Teenagers
  • Adults
  • Yound children
  • Senior citizens
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Target Audience Cont.

Website/presentation aimed at young children

  • Use fun animations such as cartoons
  • No long words or sentences
  • Lots of bright colours
  • Very easy navigation
  • Uncluttered page design
  • Lots of images

Website/presentation aimed at adults

  • More subtle colours used
  • Animation and sound used with care
  • Navigation can be more complex
  • Longer words
  • Longer sentences
  • More complex page design
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