Topic 10 - Spreadsheets

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What is a spreadsheet?

It is a piece of software which is used to work out calculations. They can handle all the financial calculations for a large business, they can work with statistics and calculate probability or other statistics.


  • All you will need to know is how to use and identify basic formula and functions on a spreadsheet
  • i.e. how to add two cells, take away the values in two cells, multiply and divide
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  • A function does a very specific job within a spreadsheet. For exmaple, SUM will add up a set of numbers for you. AVERAGE is another common one which will give you the average of a set of numbers
  • You start with an equals and then the word SUM, the open brackets and include the cells you want to add up, separated by a colon then close brackets
  • i.e. =SUM (M1:M8)

Absolute cell references

  • If you want to stick to the same cell, regardless of how you drag or copt it then you use an absolute cell reference like this-
  • =$A$1
  • The $ tells the spreadsheet not to alter the formula as you drag or copy it to another cell
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Advantages of Using a Spreadsheet


  • Automatic calcultion when data is entered, using formulas and functions
  • It is easier to change data
  • The user can clearly see which option he can best afford
  • Carry out what if scenarios
  • Save formula and data
  • Can quickly sort data
  • Draw graphs to give pictorial representation of data and information
  • Accurate calculations
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