TOPIC 4- Input devices

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The ideal way of entering data into an ICT system

The ideal way of entering data into an ICT system would be:

- Automatic

- Fast

- Cheap 

- Accurate

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Input methods

There two input methods:

- Manual method of data entry- involves human being present to enter the data 

- Automatic method of data entry- a human would batch the work to be done together an dthen the computer automatically reads the data 

What to consider when choosing an input device:

- type of data

- volume of data

- user preferences

- cost considerations

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Input devices


  • Ideal for low volume of data 
  • Universal
  • Expensive and time consuming
  • RSI


  • Make selections
  • Draw lines
  • Size graphic objects

Voice recognition

  • Dictate data via a microphone into the computer, the voice recognition software turns voice into text
  • Good for people with disabilities
  • Fast, 99% accurate, cheap
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Input devices


  • Used to capture images and digitise old non-digital photos
  • Reduce the amount of paper copies


  • Ideal to capture images- small and portable

Touch screens

  • Select by touching screen
  • Used for- purchasing train tickets, tourist info or museums 


  • Used in- supermarkets, warehouse stock control
  • Very cheap (low printing cost of labels), easy to use, fast- can be read by scanner, quicker than typing manually
  • Hard to read if label is damaged or creased
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Magnetic input devices

Optical Mark Recognition (OMR)

  • Predesigned pieces of paper, put through mark scanner, registers bits which have been filled in 
  • Easy to use- only requires a computer and OMR to read sheets
  • Cheap, fast and automatic
  • Only suitable for capturing certain types of data- e.g. lottery, multiple choice questions, voting forms
  • Reject rate can be high- if instructions are unclear

Optical Character Recognition (OCR)

  • Scans paper (handwritten or typed) into computer and displays as text document
  • Works better with typed than handwritten, struggles with similar looking letters- not 100% accurate

Magnetic Ink Character Recognition (MICR)

  • Only used for cheques- most secure but most expensive, less popular
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