Topic 3- Consequences of inequality in the family

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Topic 3- Consequences of inequality in the family

  • The effects of housework and childcare on women's careers:

-Inequalities in employment: Women who have children seen as unreliable, Mainly women who have to leave their jobs, Women temporarily leave jobs to have children- Miss out on greater pays and promotion

-Gatrell- Found women that go back to their jobs- "jelly heads"- No option but to accept downgraded position

-Family commitments allow little oppertunity to progress in careers

-Surveys: Women limited in jobs they can do

- Three- quarters of part- time workers are women

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Topic 3- Consequences of inequality in the family

  • The "Darker side" of family life: Challenges the Functionalists and New Right "cereal packet family" stereotype, Growing privatization- leads to emotional stress, family unit can be dangerous and hostile place
  • Domestic violence: 

- 1 in 4 women will suffer from domestic violence, 80% committed by men

-Two-thirds of victims of domestic violence don't seek help- afraid/ashamed/private matter

- Female victims of DV will suffer an average of 35-7 assults for average period of 7 years before informing an agency 

  • **** in marriage:

- Three- quarters of **** take place at home

-1 in 5 suffer from physical injury

-1 in 4 women have been ****d- 95% never reported

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Topic 3- Consequences of inequality in the family

  • Feminists explanations for Domestic violence:

-Radical feminists: Domestic violence as a means for men  to excercise patriarchal power and stable submission

- Marxists feminists: Social deprication, culture of violence- Lower status of women

- Ganley- Women's inequality in society is essentially showing women whose in charge

- Domestic violence has its roots in structural inequalities

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