Topic 2 - Lone Parenthood

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Topic 2- Lone parenthood

  • Biggest changes in family: Most lone parents are women- Awarded custody in divorces- Cultural norm women expected to bring up children. Percentage of lone parent families have tripled since 1971. 1 in 4 of all families with dependent children were lone parents in 2014
  • Why are there more lone parent families?

- Improved contraception, changing male attitudes, fewer "shotgun weddings"

-Greater economic independence of women

-Reproductive technology is available to women- IVF-Changing social attitudes

  • Nailing the myths:

- Never- married lone mothers account just over half of all lone parents-Other half mostly arising from divorce/separation-16% of births- Are to parents who are not married

-A Home office= No difference in crime rates between younsters from LP & from 2 parent familes-Social Justice Policy Group 2007- Youth crime linked to range of factors- Found in 2 parent families too= LP link between poverty, Lack of childcare facilities

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Topic 2- Lone parenthood

  • New right views:

- Blame the generosity of the Welfare State for the growth in Lone parents

-Growth of LP= Decline in conventional family

-Charles Murray- Welfare Benefits encourage women to have children

  • Feminists criticise New Right:

-Silvia- Argues media fuelled public concerns over Lone parenthood, attempt to force women back into traditional roles, attacks on patriarchal, challenge women's rights to careerers 

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