Topic 2- Decline in marriage& Cohabitation

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Topic 2- Decline in marriage& cohabitation

  • Meaning of cohabitation- As a fairly temporary arrangement, alternative to marriage, preparation for trial marriage 
  • Decline in marriage- 

- Marriage rates are declining: 

- Between 1972 and 2012; Average age at first marriage increased by about 8 years

- Estimated no. of people cohabiting doubled between 1996 and 2012. For first marriages living together before in 1950- 2% and in 2012-80%. Estimated 22% of couples will cohabit rather married by 2021

-2012-67% of marriages were first marriages for first marriages for both partners, compared to 1921- 80%

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Topic 2- Decline in marriage& cohabitation

  • Reasons for decline in marriage& Growing cohabitation:

-Changing role of women- Women cohabiting carry out less work

- Reduced functions of family- Marriage become less of a partical necessity

-Changing social attitudes- Less social stigma, YP more likely to cohabit (easy going attitudes)

- Reducing risks- Beck= Living in "risky society" individuals less controlled by traditional structures& institution, Less loyalty demanded by soical norms of marriage

- The rising divorce rate - Deter couples from marriages not lasting

-Growing secularization

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