Tohoku Earthquake 2011

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Preventions of Damage

Japan Meteorological Agency sent out warning alerts - giving precioius time to escape or prepare 

  • Skyscrapers swayed but damage limited due to earthquake - resistant design.
  • 4 train derailed but high speed trains had been autonmatically been stopped by an early warning system.
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Primary Effects

  • 9.0 magnitude
  • 16,000 dead (many of whom drowned)
  • 6,000 injured
  • 300,000 left homeless
  • 4.4 million households no electricity
  • 1.5 million no running water
  • Earth shifted 10cm on its axis
  • 39m waves at some points 
  • Flat, low - lying coastal area with soft soft soil amplidies shockwaves - Sendai was destroyed.
  • One school in Ishinomaki lost 84 students and teaches.
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Secondary Effects

  • Earthquake triggered a tsunami that took 10 min to reach the coast that travelled 10km inland. 
  • 56 bridges and 26 railways were washed away along the east coast.
  • The earthquake knocked out the power supply to the Fukushima Nuclear Power Plant
  • The tsunmani flooded the back up generators and triggered a nuclear meltdown.
  • Tsunmami caused slabs of ice to break away from the Sulzberger Ice shelf and cause damage to property in California.
  • Nissan's Sunderland factory shut down due to parts shortages from Japan.
  • COST: $300 billion
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Immediate Respones

  • 140,000 around a 20km radius of the Fukushima NPP were evacuated. 
  • USA Troops flew emergency coolant to the site within hours.
  • People evacuated for high ground when they heard warnings.
  • 116 countries & 28 international organisations responded.
  • Dead burried in mass graves.
  • AT & T (US telecom company) allowed people to communicate on their networks for free.
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Long-Term Responses

  • All 55 nuclear reactors across Japan were taken offline for safety reasons --> power blackouts.
  • Toyota and Sony stopped production.
  • All of Japan's ports responded to limited ship traffic by the end of March.
  • Rail network fully functional by September.
  • Homes needed reconstruction for the 330,000 victims that were still homeless.
  • Further reconstruction of coastal areas, road and community facilities needed.
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