To what extent has Parliament lost sovereignty?

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Arguments suggesting Parliament has lost sovereign

The EU

In areas where the EU has competence e.g. competition, trade, agriculture etc, EU law takes primacy over UK law.

1) The often quoted example of the European Court of Justice striking down an Act of Parliament is the Factortame Case (1990) whereby a Spanish fishing company was successful in arguing that they were being illegally denied access to UK waters. This was due to the fact that Britain, in 1986, signed into law the EU's Single European Market.

2) In 2008, the ECJ ruled that British disability law needed to change in the Coleman case because it didn't meet EU directives on discrimination of disabled carers.

The EU's powers have been further extended by increased use of qualified majority voting. Further sovereignty has been eroded since most decisions are made by unelected bureaucrats in the European Commission.

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Old Sir

Sun 29th December, 2013 @ 17:41

A very useful, concise overview of the factors which require discussion of this question. Students might find this a very useful starting point from which to develop their own arguments and conclusions, weighing each of the factors and examples carefully against the philosophical convention that 'no parliament can bind its successors' with the practical difficulties involved in undoing some of the things that have been done.


Wed 1st May, 2013 @ 20:06

Amazing! Helped me out on a question, 'To what extent has the location of UK sovereignty changed over recent years?' It literally had everything I needed! Thank you *****5 stars!

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