To Life (Fiddler on the Roof)

This is notes on "To Life" Texture musically.

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To Life

To life is classed as a dance number, but it also has some vocals.
It is performed by Lazar and Tevye.

This piece is based on the rhythm of Yeminite dance, and the Jewish dance features of the Hora.  A Hora is a Jewish dance that is frequently danced at different Jewish occasions.

·        *Celebrations

·        *Jewish Gatherings

A Hora is traditionally in triple meter, but a fast 2 or 4 is known. For example, is Bar 142, the composer already adds in a triple meter written in within the piece.

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To Life

The lyrics would form a part of the Rhythmic drive. The word “Dia” would influence the rhythmic pattern. 
The Harmony would open as a 6th, and it would be a resistive opening.

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To Life

The brass and woodwind, punctuate rhythmic phrases, such as at the end of the phrases from the bottle dance and between the vocal phrases. This would build up the impact and the tension of the piece. This also being a key technique in musical theatre and the Jewish tradition.
The Mandolin also highlights the sound of the Russian/ Jewish tradition. 

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To Life

The Dynamics in the dance, in several sections, it falls away and then builds up tension once more. It then repeats and begins to accelerando. This is a main feature of this dance.

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To Life

The Melody features chromatisism,  it also contains a lot of acciaccaturas, which is very common in the texture of Klezmer  Jewish music. There are lots of melodic leaps of a 6th, which add the excitement of this exciting dance number. This happens in the first two bars, “To Life”. The flat 2nd and flat 5th is very common in Jewish modes. The chromic scale also enhances the Jewish mode. This is shown at the end, as it normally finishes with a chromatic run upwards. It isn’t extremely clear in “To Life”. 

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To Life

The rhythm is very staccato and pizzicato, which help give the dance, bounce and movement.

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To Life

The Structure of this piece is extended Rondo Form.

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