To Kill A Mockingbird - Questions

questions to think about.

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Is the hairlouse incident an effective way to intr

Think about:

- The economic climate

- How well looked after the children are

- How this links in later in the book eg Mayella Ewell.

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How are Miss Caroline's teaching methods different

Think about:

- Catering for the needs of the individuals

- Encouragement given

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Why did Nathan Radley fill in the nuthole?

Think about:

 - Is he doing this out of spite?

- Is he trying to protect Boo?

- Does he like the interaction with the children? Why?

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What does the gift of a camellia from Mrs Dubose t

Think about:

- Why did Jem have to start reading to Mrs Dubose?

- What is the significance of it being white? Think purity vs racism.

- What does is symbolise for Mrs Dubose? Think about her addiciton and what it took to overcome and beat it. Think about how this links into the story. Think about prejudice. 

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