To Kill A Mockingbird characters

A collection of cards about most of the main characters of 'To kill a mockingbird', they are quite in depth

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Scout Finch a.k.a Jean Louise

-Narrator of the story

-She is a tomboy, plays & fights with boys.

-Wears overalls and insists she will 'never be intrested in clothes' when alexandra tries to make her wear dresses.

-As confident talking to adults as she is with children (e.g. Boo Radly when she meets him).

-She is keen to understand and questions what is happening around her.

-She doesn't understand why people are treated differently if they are black or of mixed race and challenges this.

-Loves books and reading, is intelligent and wants to learn.

-Confronts big and serious issues, e.g. asks about ****, talks about predujice, court cases. But is still a child meaning she doesn't always understand and can be niave.

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Jem Finch

-4 years older then Scout.

-Can be a bit of a rebel (lies, destroys Mrs Duboses garden, refuses to go home outside the jail).

-Grows up to be more like Atticus.

-Is proud of Atticus when he shoots the dog, also when he starts to understand him better.

-Tries to explain things to Scout such as the court case and to educate her, like Atticus does.

-He gets very emotional (is scared of Boo, shows anger at Mrs.Dubose, upset at trial and ends up crying).

-Has a strong sense of justice, (insists what happened to Tom Robinson is not fair).

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Atticus Finch

-Central character in To Kill a Mockingbird.

-Lawyer, but his first two clients who were convicted of murder and hanged put him off criminal law.

-Helps with various legal problems (such as Cunningham's entailment) He cares for people accepting hickory nuts of poorer people (not a lawyer for the money).

-Atticus does his defending Tom even though people will look down on him and there is little chance of winning. He explains he would feel ashamed of himself if he didn't try.

-Is a single parent,

-Honest with kids and answers questions truthfully.

-Works hard to be a good example to kids not allowing them to share the prejudices of the community.

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Atticus Finch (continued)

-Earns everyone's respect by respecting everyone.

-Is free from the hypocrisy and double standards that seems to thrive in the people of Maycomb, he's 'same in his house as hi is on the public streets'.

-Important to whole community, acts as a bridge between black and whites e.g. tells Helen Robinson her husband has been shot.

-He is calm and cool, never gets cross with Jem or Scout, Walks away when Bob Ewell spits on him. etc

-Sometimes too good, was prepared to let Jem face charges of murder rather then 'hush anything up' and the way he thinks best of people means he doesnt take Bob Ewell's threats seriously.

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Aunt Alexandra

-Fits right in to Maycomb (good host, gossips, others aprove og her manners and morals).

-Thinks she knows best for the family.

-Tries to get rid of Calpurnia.

-Can be racist, this is shown through Francis repeating a few of the racist comments she made.

-Is a proud lady.

-After Tom is shot she shows a more sensitive and caring side, putting 'her hands to her mouth' in shock.

-She also shows through her comments how worried she is about Atticus. She even expresses anger at the people of Maycomb.

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Dill a.k.a Charles Baker Harris

-Proud he can read.

-Dresses strangly.

-Has a very active imagination, often prefering it to the truth.

-Can be honest though, such as when he tells the Finch family his Aunt Rachel 'drinks a pint for breakfast every morning'.

-Runs from parents to the Finchs because his parents 'just arnt interested in me'.

-Is so upset at Tom's treatment in the court room that he has to leave.

-Can be young and niave, he claims you can get babies from a man on an island.

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Tom Robinson

-Lives with wife and 3 children in a little settlement on the edge of town.

-Is a 'faithful' member of his church.

-Despite being disabled after catching his arm in a cotton gin he works hard for Mr Link Geas.

-He says he felt sorry for Mayella and was happy to help her.

-Mayella's advance are unwelcome but he doesnt push her away, trying to be as gentle as possible.

-Never says anything bad about the Ewells. Scout says his 'manners were as good as Atticus's'.

-He doesnt seem to angry at the situation. Though he does lose faith in the justice system which is why he runs away.

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