To Kill A Mockingbird Character/Chapter Summary

A summary of the chapters and main characters in the novel.

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Atticus Finch

  • Atticus is a very good father to Jem and Scout.
  • He connects all the characters in the story.
  • He left 'finches landing' to become a lawyer and later set up his law office in Maycomb.
  • He is defending Tom Robinson and by doing so is breaking tradition.
  • He values bravery, empathy and honesty.
  • He wants Jem and Scout to grow up with a sense of morality and understanding of the world. His children are very important to him.
  • He is fair, calm, patient, well mannered, respectful and honourable.
  • He is known for being the "greatest shot in Maycomb" but shows modesty as he doesn't tell his children.
  • He is AGAINST racism and predjudice and believes that everybody is equal. He tells scout that "you never really know a person until you step into their skin and walk around in it".
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Scout Finch

  • Scout (Jean Louise Finch) is the narrator of the novel. It is told from her point of view.
  • The novel shows Scout growing up and the key events that happen in her life that help her to have a true understanding of the world.
  • She is a tomboy which shows the prejudice in the novel as she is constantly told that she needs to become more lady like.
  • She is 6 years old when the novel begins.
  • She is confident, inquisitive, bright, loyal, innocent and fun-loving.
  • She loves to be taught by her father, Atticus but is told when she gets to school that she needs to stop reading with her father.
  • Although she knows a lot about the world as she is very inquisitive, she is still a little girl and still loves to play with Jem and Dill.
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Jem Finch

  • Jem is Scouts brother and son to Atticus.
  • "Jeremy Finch"
  • He is 10 years old when the novel begins.
  • As the novel progresses, he starts to become more and more mature and understands the things that go on in the world.
  • Jem is stubborn, brave, loyal, sensitive, fair and kind.
  • He starts to see Atticus as less boring than he first thought.
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