to what extent was the fourth crusade a failure

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territorial - failures

alexandria: originsl target, base for furture reclamation of holy land, not even arrived at 

jerusalem: failed to reclaim, crusade abandoned after capture of constantinople 

inland areas: vast majority remained in muslim hands, key castles remained lost 

ascalon: remained in muslim hands, would have aided future reclamation of holy land 

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territorial - successes

zara regained: venetian vassal state, enrico dandolos suggestion, successfully reclaimed 

latin empire estbalished: latin emperor of constantinople, not original aim, baldwin of flanders as latin emperor, last until 1261, byz forced to establish three new states 

venetian aquisitions: rewarded with considerable territories, beginnings of venetian empire 

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political - failures

made no impact on ayyubid power: never made it to muslim lands, never engaged in muslim enemy 

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political - success

weakened byzantie power: reduced secular power, united churches, accepted eventually by innocent III, many crusaders proud of their achievement 

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military - failures

attacked chirstian targets: 

zara: innocent excommunicated the entire army as a consequence 

constantinople: Innocent III expressed his distress at the horror 

weakened outremer: 

not only did the first crusade fail to regain territory, established an alternative destination to western crusaders 

many chose to travel to and fight for the new latin empire rather than outremer 

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military - success

siege of zara: swift and effective 

siege of constantinople: successfully taken by a small force, remarkable achievement, venetian ingenuity 

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