to what extend was the third crusade a failure

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territorial - failures

jerusalem: failed to reclaim it, practical concerns, settle for truce, access for pilgrims 

inland: majority remianed in muslim hands, christians withdrew to tyre, key castles lost 

ascalon: taken back after first withdrawl, handed backas part of truce, weakened potential to threaten egypt 

nothern outremer: not strengthened, Armenias idependance, antiochene wars of succession, tripoli abosred into anitoch 

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territorial - successes

cyprus: took withease, consolidation for guy, united with jer, springboard for german crusade

acre: siege begun by guy, rich and phil cooperated to gain, ports, vital lifeline, economic support 

coastline: prevented tyres fall, after acre retook coastal region and ports, vital lifeline 

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political - failures

worsened divisions at first

sicily and cyprus tensions, phil for con rich for guy

council called, guy for life then conrad 

tensions continued 

threatened to undermne the crusade 

philip and rich remained enemies 

crusade didnt heal rift 

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political - success

healed divisions in the end 

rich brought them to an end 

switched support to conrad 

cyprus was given to guy as consolation 

conrads assassination, Isabella then married henry of champagne 


later aimery proved to be stable 

maintained peace with ayyubids 

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military - failures

saladin still wasnt supreme leader 

not been decisively defeated 

target for revenge 

still possessed egypt 

still possessed holy city 

managaed to keep coalition together 

death in march 1193

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military - success

saladins reputation was damaged 

failed to take tyre 

chose to release guy

failed to prevent capture of acre

defeated at arsuf and jaffa 

forced to accept a truce 

after his death his reputation wasnt enough to stop his brother form ignoring his will 

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