'To Kill A Mockingbird' Context

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  • Slavery was abolished in 1865; howver racial inequality and black inferiority was still normal in most places.
  • 1890, racial segregation was introduced on all public facilities in the Southern States.
  • Segregation led to the conditions of African-Americans facilities being inferior to the whites.
  • 1931, Scottsboro trial took place. 9 black men accused of ****. decision was made final by all white jury. Attempted lynches
  • Blacks were often blamed for the misery of the poor white people

Relation to the text:

  • Scottsboro trial relates to Tom's trial and how he was killed before the end of the case.
  • Attempted lynch relates to when the men showed up to the jail to kill Tom.
  • Misery of the poor white people blamed on the poor relates to Bob Ewell's mistreatment of Tom. He blames him for his bad relationships with his family.
  • Bob Ewell bothers Tom's wife for no reason
  • Ewell's mistreatment of Atticus for supporting Tom Robinson's case.
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Civil Rights Movement

  • Attitudes towards equality started to change mainly in the North
  • Martin Luther King and other black activists began protests in 1950's eg bus boycotts and marches

Jem, Scout and Dill were born and raised when all of this started so they would grow up with the civil right's movement and learn to represent it.

Links to Atticus's roles and his influence of his children, he wants them to grow up to support equlity and to make a change to the prejudices of society.

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Maycomb Mentality


  • Women were allowed to vote but they had their stereotypical roles.
  • Men and women weren't equal in terms of pay or job opportunities.
  • Tom's wife contradicts this as she is offered a good job by Mr Link Deas. Suggests the case has had a positive impact of society.

Family Tradition:

Important to the residents of Maycomb.

Aunt Alexandra believes a person's place in society can come down to their family history

She demands to teach the children about this.

Relates to her not wanting the children to associate themselves with the Cunningham's.

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