Tissue Fluid


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Tissue Fluid

- the fluid that surrounds cells in tissues.

- made from substances that leave the blood such as oxygen, water and nutrients.

-the cells take the substances from thefluis and release matabolic waste.

Pressure Filtration

  • at the start of the capillaries the pressure is high therefor substances move down the concentration gradient
  • the substances fill the spaces around the cells, forming tissue fluid.
  • as fluid has left the pressure is much lower at the end of the capillaries
  • some water re-enters the capillaries by osmosis

Lymph Vessels

  • excess tissue fluid passes into lymph vessels where it becomes lymph
  • lymph travels through lmphatic cappillaries to lymphatic vessels in the thorax until it's returned to the blood near the heart.
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good help for GCSE biology, thanks

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