Tips for aqa english exam

tips on how to structure an answer for the 4 questions on reading non fiction texts and what to include on the comparing language question.

example question paper

example mark scheme

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question one- what do you learn?

  • this question is asking for you to retreve information from a text, not to explain or describe anything.
  • yuse point an example, no ned to explain
  • try and pick out at least 6 things and include a example
  • say what it shows you or tells you
  • don't worry about picking a mix of obvious things and less obvious things
  • don't spend ages on it as you still have 2 more 8 mark and on 16 mark question to answer
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question 2, title, sub title and picture and how t

  • 3 paragraphs one each for title, sub title and picture
  • in each paragraph say what effect they had on the reader and say how this can link to the text.
  • write about words used in both titles and text, size  and location of picture and whats in the picture, size or title and colour.
  • don't forget to say how these things effect the reader.
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question 3 explaining emotions in the text and how

  • write about three paragraphs
  • P.E.E. For example explain what parts of the text you find tense and exciting.

          - say what you find tense and exciting and give a example

          - explain what techniques are used and what they suggest and what effect it has on the reader

  • write about descriptions of specific moments, adjectives, retorical questions, sentence type and length etc.
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question 4 compare language

  • write about 4 to 6 paragraphs (2-3 comparison points)
  • P.E.E
  • compare 2 texts
  • say how something is shown (formality/purpose etc)
  • use a example
  • explain what language techniques are used to show this and what effect they have on the reader
  • eg this text has the purpose to inform because it uses longer sentances with facts and satistics, these allow the reader to get a lot of information and therefore helps them to understnad the topic.
  • then compare a similar point and how it is shown in  the other text
  • eg the purpose of this text is to entertain as it uses shorter sentances with lots of description. this helps the reade to feel the events happening and the writers thoughts and emotions
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Key things to remember:

  • this section of the paper is testing your reading skills not your spelling and grammar, so don't worry about this to much in this section.
  • always include examples
  • explain writers techniques and what efrect they have on the reader and what they help to show.
  • on question 4 compare the text they ask you too with ONE  other text.
  • have a look at the past paper and mark scheme to get an idea of what you will get and what the examiner expects from you.
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There is a few mistakes like ned instead of need. Otherwise it is great. Also could you please tell me what P.E.E means. Thanks

Chloe Brown


It means point evidence explain :-)



Thanks x



noosa peng girl

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