Timeline of Education

Key points to remember from the timeline of education

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- Butler's Education Act

- Tripatite system: Grammar schools for the academic, Technical/skilled schools for the creative/artistic and secondary modern schools for everybody else

-11+ test

-Parity of esteem: equal status

- Culteral bias: favoured white middle class

- Elitism: white middle class being favoured, especially males

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- Comprehensive schools for all regardless of gender, ethnicity, ability and class all taught under one roof

- Could be argued that teachers still favoured children from middle class backrounds

- Sub cultures developed

- Discrimination

- Some children did not achieve anything

- Expansion of higher education/open unversities introduced

- Critism of progssive teaching methods (neglected 3 Rs)

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- Start of vocationalism

- YTS: 'New Vocationalism' : gave young people an oppertunity to get a trade and teach skills via vocational courses and apprentiships, otherwise they would have no qualifications

- Education and economy failing

- Employers wanted skills

- Cheap labour

- Poor job security

- Rejection of local control: school policy was centralised

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- Education Reform Act

- Introduction of national curriculum: gender equality for what students learn, list of subjects that must be taught

- League tables: marketisation, could be argued that the education reformat that education was created to meet the needs of the economy, act as a motavator

- GCSEsand SATs introduced

- Education to meet the needs of the economy

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- AS/A2 split

- Citizenship classes respond to social change

- Diplomas: mix of vocational and academic

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