Timeline Hitler's Germany

These are just some cards with key dates/events that took place during Hitler's Germany 1929-1939.

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Hitler wrote "Mien Kampf" in prison after the Munich Putsch.

Translated the title of "Mien Kampf" means "My Stuggle"

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Wall Street Crash in the USA led to huge economic problems in Germany.

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Nazi party did well in elections.

Hitler defeated by Hindenburg in Presidential Elections.

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January: Hitler is invited to become Chancellor.

Febuary: Reichstag fire.

March: Political opposition to Nazis banned.

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June: The Night of The Long Knives.

August: Hitler succeeded Hindenburg as President.

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Nuremberg Laws.

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Berlin Olympic Games.

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Kristallnacht (The Night Of Broken Glass).

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September: Germnay invaded Poland, Second World war started.

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Tasmia Hussain

If anyone wants the notes to be more in depth just comment below and I will try my best to get that done as I know the unit 2 exam is approaching and I also have to revise for Modern World History. 

Thanks for coming by this :)

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