Time management


Send a plan to your tutor

It's a good idea to plan an essay in advance and arrange to see your tutor during their office hours to get feedback on your essay plan. They can help give advice about sources and your lines of argument. 

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Reading primary resources

Primary resources are the primary evidence used in your essay to support your argument that you analyse and may compare and contrast. Such as a case study, novel, or equation.  

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Get lots of books out the library

Look up relevant books on the library catalogue and find them. Academics arguments from books can help back you up or you can even challenge their point of view. If you have trouble finding the books then go to the library help desk and someone will be able to help you locate them. 

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Internet research

Using the online library and databases such as google scholar to find relevant peer-reviewed academic journal articles is great. Also databases for ebooks such as google books or liverpool library's online resource databases are great places to search for keywords and find secondary resources that are relevant to your essay. 

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Reading critical materials

Now you've been to the library got your books, done interent searches for ebooks and journal articles how long do you think you need to spend on critical materials? Quick tip - with most journal articles you can read the abstract or use CTRL +F to find keywords. 

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Planning your essay is vital plan. Plan paragraph by paragraph or in sections to progress your argument. Plan where your primary soucres and secondary sources are going to go and your introduction and conclusion. Top tip - Your main body of your essay should be 80% of the word count and the introduction 10% and the conclusion 10%. of the word count 

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Read your peers’ essay

Getting feedback of friends or family can help see if your argument is easily understood. It's good to get an outside perspective. 

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Each person is different and will have different times for how long it takes to write them. How long does it take you?

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Edting and proof reading your work is vital. Look for grammar mistakes and referencing mistakes. Take time between writing your essay and proof reading.   

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See a writing mentor

The writing mentors can help with the structure of your essay. You can book an appointment either online or go to the library helpdesk and request a writing mentors form. 

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Referencing can take time so make sure to save enough time for referencing. Keep your sources organised so that when it comes to referencing all of your references are in the same place. 

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Take time between writing your essay and proof reading. Take breaks when doing research so make sure you plan enough time to do so. 

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