Tibetan Buddhist sects

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The Ka dam pa ('Bound by Command')

  • Stressed discipline & morality
  • Rules + Vinaya rules, including celibacy & no alchol
  • Worship = Avalokitesvara & Tara 
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The Sakya Sect

  • Started in 11th century
  • Leadership = hireditary
  • Great political influence in 12th & 13th centuries
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The Korguyupa Sect

  • Started in 11th century
  • Stressed teachings cannot be put into words and they must be transmitted from master to pupil
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Nying ma pa ('old-style-ones')

  • Referes to Buddhists who didn't follow any of the new sects but the teachings & practices of padmasambhava
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Ge lung pa (virtuous way)

  • Stress on monastic discipline, celibacy and scholarship
  • Many consider practices are for advanced students
  • Belive that enlightenment isbattained throughh long gradual path
  • Developed into the institution of the Dali Lama
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