Three Gorges Dam

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Facts and figures

  • Is the largest hard-engineering project ever undertaken on a river
  • 2009
  • Located on the Yangtze River
  • The dam will be used for electricity from hydroelectric power for central and Eastern China
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Hard engineering

Building the dam

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Soft engineering

  • Resettlement of 1.2 million people from several cities, 11 district centers and over100 villages to newly built settlements
  • Afforestation in the drainage basin
  • Contour ploughing +***** farming in semi-arid areas
  • Floodplain zoning
  • River restoration schemes
  • Wetland +riverbanks conservation
  • Forecasting floods + warnings
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Benefits of Scheme

The dam will reduce the flood risk for 15 million people +improve navigation along the river

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Costs of scheme

The amount of sediment transported by the river below the dam fell by over 50%, resulting in increased rates of erosion down stream.

£25 billion to build the dam

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